Sundance Spas As Part of Your Diabetic Therapy

diabetes-hot-tubs-safePhilip L. Hooper, M.D., published a study in The New England Journal of Medicine about the positive effect of “hot tub therapy” on his diabetic patients. The results of his study have not been debunked. There is a medical benefit in diabetics routinely using a Sundance Spas hot tub. The primary reservation voiced against it stem around the special attention a diabetic needs to apply during certain activities. The same concerns are exercised for other activities including exercising and taking a bath.

Hot tubs maintain a constant predetermined temperature. Sitting in one will increase your body temperature and blood flow to your skin as your body attempts to get rid of some of the extra heat absorbed from the water. This mimics what occurs during moderate exercise. For diabetics with circulation problems this is a good thing.

Where the concern is raised is that with the increased blood flow comes increased insulin absorption from the injection site. A dose of longer-acting insulin that is designed to last throughout the night will be absorbed much more rapidly. This can cause low blood glucose extending several hours after getting out of the tub. The simple recommended safety precaution is not to use temperatures higher than 105 degrees. It is also recommended that for optimal benefit while avoiding risk, you limit your stay to no more than 20 minutes. To further avoid a possible episode of hypoglycemia it is recommended you monitor your blood sugar levels before entering a hot tub and avoid soaking before meals.

For diabetics suffering from diabetic neuropathy the concern of possible burns is raised. The decreased circulation in their extremities may make it difficult to determine if the water is too hot on their feet or legs. Programmable thermometers can provide an easy means to monitor water temperature. The same precaution a diabetic exercises while taking a bath will provide the same degree of safety in a hot tub.

As with any therapy, the advice of your physician should be sought. When properly used, hot tubs can be a beneficial addition to diabetic therapy. When careful considerations are exercised adults with type 2 diabetes could see improvements in their sleep patterns, lose weight and lower their blood sugar levels.

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Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are Beneficial for Those With Diabetes

Diabetes Hot TubsHot tubs are the perfect way to relax and unwind but they also have a few astounding health benefits as well. Many people understand that a hot tub can help with relaxation, as a stress reliever and more but studies have shown that Jacuzzi Hot Tubs can also benefit those with Type 2 Diabetes.

A study was done by McKee Medical Center in Loveland, Colorado and showed that those with Type 2 Diabetes had impressive results by using a hot tub. These patients relaxed for 30 minutes in a hot tub each day for six days. Not only did they enjoy the relaxing benefits from the study but their test results were positive as well. The outcome showed an average 13% decrease in the patients’ blood glucose levels. Not only that but the patients had improved sleep and they felt better about their health overall. Some patients had their insulin dosage reduced and this may be due to the increased blood flow. All of this was accomplished simply by using the hot tub six days per week and at 30 minutes time.

So along with aiding in the relief of stress, headaches, muscle aches and blood pressure; time spent in a hot tub may help those that have Diabetes too.

As with any condition, you will want to talk with your physician first but a hot tub is an excellent way to improve your health on the whole and it may just help out with those with Type 2 Diabetes as well.

If you’re ready to learn all that a hot tub can do for you, just contact us and we’ll help you find the right one for your needs. You owe it to yourself to be on your way to better health and more relaxation.