Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Help Relieve Stress Related Depression

depressionMillions of people each year suffer from stress related depression. Whether it’s due to financial matters, family issues or work-related problems, stress and depression can strike at any time. While more serious forms of depression may call for a doctor’s care, Jacuzzi hot tubs can actually help relieve some of the stress and help calm your nerves.

Stress puts unnecessary work on our body and strain on our health. It causes the heart to have to work more hard and this can cause problems with digestion and breathing. In fact, more than 80% of common diseases have a relation to stress.

The way a Jacuzzi hot tub helps with stress related depression is with three major components:

  1. Environmental Heat. The heated water from a hot tub causes an internal shift in the body’s core temperature. This causes it to feel more relaxed and helps with sleeplessness. If you’ve ever taken a warm bath in order to help with insomnia or to calm your nerves then imagine that comfort not only multiplied but enveloping you in a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Massage. Many people get massages because of its healing benefits. It releases toxins in the body and one of the main attractions of a massage is that it feels good and relaxes the muscles. A hot tub works the same way by using jets of water that massage your body. Instead of a pair of hands in one spot, you get massaged all over at the same time.
  3. Buoyancy. By being buoyant in a Jacuzzi, there is less stress on your body. This is ideal for aching joints and muscles but where it helps to relieve stress related depression is that you are combining the relaxation with hydrostatic pressure, which helps your lungs and heart become stronger.

While a hot tub may not be a cure for all kinds of depression, it definitely will help those with stress related depression by being in a warm, relaxing environment that helps the body feel better.

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Need The Perfect Valentine’s Day Gift, Bay Area? Hot Tubs Are It!


Amore Nordic Hot Tub

Regardless of whether you’ve been with that special someone for a month or a decade, you’re in search of the perfect Valentine’s Day gift.  If you’re like most people, you’re probably trying to out do your gift from last year.  Actually, nothing makes a better Valentine’s Day than knowing you are truly cherished and loved.  If you’re in the Bay Area, hot tubs can be combined with flowers and a lovely dinner to create a Valentine’s Day date that you’ll never forget.

Flowers are a great Valentine’s Day gift.  The only problem is that their beauty fades away.  Unless you take a picture of them, you’ll never be able to remember the fabulous gift you received for very long.

As our gift to you, we’d like to create a beautiful Valentine’s Day scenario that your sweetheart will love.

Imagine that the love of your life comes home from work on Valentine’s Day.  Exhaustion is written all over their face.  Nothing would be better than a quiet, relaxing evening at home.  You’ve taken the liberty of enlisting Grandma for child care duty on this special night, so the two of you really do have the house all to yourselves.  You pour a few glasses of wine and excuse yourself to tend to the home-cooked dinner you’re preparing.

After a quick change of clothes, dinner is served.  Tonight, you dine on the patio.  However, there’s something different about the way your back yard looks this evening.  Could that be a…hot tub?  Tears, disbelief and amazement are the reactions that follow.  Just what you were hoping for.  You really did it.  After after being asked for so long…this is what perfect Valentine’s Days are made of.

This Valentine’s Day, why not do something extra special for the special person in your life?  You’ll give the one you love a license to relax every day of the year with the gift of a hot tub.  What better gift could there be?

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Benefits Of Having Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

One thing that holds water, no pun intended, is that Jacuzzi Hot Tubs offer comfort and relaxation.  They allow people a way to unwind from whatever is on their mind and just enjoy the water.  Just like baths are always comfortable, so are Jacuzzi hot tubs.

One of the best benefits from using a Jacuzzi is that it can rejuvenate muscles.  This is especially true for athletes.  They often times have sore muscles or pulled hamstrings.  Jacuzzis can help speed up the recovery time and get them back to play their favorite sports.  Neck muscles can also be hard to cure, but Jacuzzi hot tubs can solve this problem.  Some models even have special features that massage the muscles on the back.

Another thing that is great about Jacuzzis is that they can help relieve stress.  The warm temperature creates a soothing environment, which can then affect a person’s overall mood and morale.  People can come home with all that stress and soak for hours in their tub.  Instantly they feel better about their situation because they are in a warm environment.

Couples can set the mood right by jumping into their Jacuzzi hot tub.  Couples can spend quality time with each other and simply enjoy each other’s company.  Hot tubs are very romantic, which is great for people who are on a date or just with their spouse or significant other.

Hot tubs are also great because they are a form of escapism.  Owners can escape from the real world and just soak for hours.  No stress, no noise, and no troubles when they are in their hot tub.  For more information on Jacuzzi hot tubs contact us.

Bay Area Hot Tubs Help Women Combat Stress

Women’s lives have never been more hectic. Whether you experienced a stressful week at the office, chauffeured kids all over the Bay Area, or a combination of the two, you deserve to melt away the stresses. Today’s bay area hot tubs provide many women with the beneficial aqua therapy essential to combat these tensions. While the healing properties of water have been touted for centuries, Paradise Valley Spas possess the expertise to seamlessly introduce a healthy stress management tool into your contemporary life.

According to the article, “Aquatherapy for Managing Stress and Anxiety,” the stresses in our lives can manifest themselves physically, socially, and psychologically. While life’s tensions can physically make your body ache, these same stresses can cause conflict in either your professional or social relationships.

Hot tubs can provide women a unique opportunity to release the physical tension, even while strengthening those relationships that they rely upon the most. One of the most common physical symptoms of stress is back pain. Studies show that patients who employ hot tub therapy for such pains alleviate those symptoms much more quickly and for longer durations of time than those who do not have such a regimen. Additionally, what lady does not enjoy a stress free night with her friends? How much more therapeutic could such a night be if it was not spent rushing about town, but was instead passed around the privacy of your own home and hot tub. The article, “How to Throw the Perfect Hot Tub Girls Night In Party,” offers many helpful hints to creating an enjoyable night that is sure to provide much stress relief as the “… warm waters and soothing massage work to relieve anxiety and relax your tense muscles.”

Whether you already own a hot tub or are now in desperate need of one, Paradise Valley Spas is a full service dealer. We carry only the finest Sundance Spas and Jacuzzi Hot Tubs, many of which are highly energy efficient. We pride ourselves on our exceptional customer care, whether you are interested in one of our many hot tub models, saunas, supplies, or service. With seven convenient locations in the Bay Area, we are sure to be within close proximity.

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Physical Therapists Using Jacuzzi Hot Tubs For Therapeutic Treatments

Jacuzzi hot tubs are becoming more popular among physical therapists in private practice. Jacuzzi hot tubs offer patients the benefit of pain relief and relaxation after sustaining an injury or recovering from an illness. In addition, Jacuzzi hot tubs have the potential to increase circulation and blood flow to the injured or weak area, which promotes healing. Many times, those suffering from injuries experience stress and anxiety. Physical and occupational therapists notice a decrease in stress levels among their patients who utilize Jacuzzi hot tubs as part of their program.

The heat from the water warms the core body temperature and coupled with the light massage afforded by the moving water, the patient often experiences increased mobility and range of motion. In addition, patients often report sleeping better at night as a result of Jacuzzi hot tub sessions during their physical therapy regimes.

The increase in blood flow and circulation provided by the heat and water also has the potential to help repair damaged tissue and discourage infection after surgery. In fact, surgical wound often heal faster after the patient has taken a dip in a Jacuzzi hot tub. The physical therapy staff sanitizes the Jacuzzi hot tubs between uses with an approved product to ensure the sterility of the tub. In addition, periodic lab cultures are often taken to determine the bacterial counts in the hot tubs as well. This is an extra precaution that health care providers take to make sure that patients are not cross contaminating each other by sharing the same Jacuzzi hot tubs in the physical therapy setting. For more information on Jacuzzi hot tubs, please contact us.

Enjoy Your Jacuzzi Hot Tub Rain or Shine

You’ve just arrived home after a hectic day. Thankfully, your jacuzzi hot tub awaits with its’ massaging pulsating jets and comfortable bench seating. As you enter the jacuzzi, you hear the unmistakable tap-tap-tap of raindrops. But this does not deter you from enjoying your much needed spa time. In fact, the soothing sound of the raindrops further enhances the relaxing ambiance.

Many people assume that hot tubs are a bad idea because of changeable weather conditions. On the contrary, many enjoy the benefits of their outdoor hot tubs in all types of weather, with of course, the exception of any violent storms.

In the coldest of winters, many prefer to use a jacuzzi. It can be quite the cozy feeling soaking in a hot spa surrounded by snow. Many ski resorts have jacuzzi hot tubs on their grounds for skiers to soothe their tired bodies after a long day on the slopes.

For those that do not want the sensation of raindrops while in their jacuzzi, there are measures available to block the elements. Hot tub enclosures and even spa umbrellas make great additions for this purpose. These accessories make it possible to enjoy the soothing sound of raindrops without getting your hair wet. You can find anything you need accessory wise at: www.hottubthings.com

It is easy to see how a hot tub can be enjoyed rain or shine in your own backyard. Contact us today to find the perfect jacuzzi hot tub for you.