Genuine Jacuzzi and Sundance Spa Service Programs

ReplaceFilterAMaintaining your hot tub can be tedious and difficult. Even more, it can be hard to remember to add chemicals, clean the filter and hot tub cover and pillows, and regularly test the water, then balance the water, and wipe down the shell, and replace the filter quarterly to yearly, and clean out the jets, and drain and refill every 4 months…..not to mention troubleshooting when issues arise! I think you get it. There is a lot to remember to do when it comes to taking care of your hot tub!

Let us, the experts, help you out by coming to your home to maintenance your hot tub on a weekly, periodically, or annual basis. Paradise Valley Spas has a team of trained experts ready to service your hot tub with the best quality chemicals and genuine Jacuzzi and Sundance parts.

Why Do I Need A Service? 

1. Save Time and Have Peace of Mind: If you think you can figure out all the tricks to service and maintenance, and remember to do everything on time so your hot tub water and parts aren’t ruined then go for it! Signing up for a maintenance program is the easiest way to take care of necessary maintenance right from the start. It will save you tons of time, and whenever you want to use your hot tub, it will be ready for you without you having to worry if its dirty beforehand.

2. Avoid Damage, Keep Your Hot Tub Users Safe: Regular maintenance is important to avoiding and preventing damage to expensive hot tubs parts, and keeping the hot tub happy, and you healthy and safe. Hot tub water can be a breeding ground for bacteria if you aren’t strict about cleaning it. This can lead to all kinds of odd things that damage the hot tub itself, but can also cause skin irritation or rashes on you.

3. Maintain Warranty: The other important aspect of regular maintenance is that it helps keep your warranty in tact. There are all kinds of clauses in the warranty agreement of a hot tub that ensure the manufacturer won’t have to pay for your misuse and mistreatment of the spa. If you are forgetful or careless, then your warranty could be voided due to lack of maintenance. Letting us take care of maintenance for you ensures that when an issue arises with your spa, you won’t have to pay a cent toward an expensive part replacement.

4. Extend Hot Tub Life: There are even long run benefits to having us take care of your hot tub! Experts know exactly how to take care of a hot tub and won’t forget any minor details when they visit your spa. Proper care can help your spa last a much longer lifespan than average. You could be enjoying your spa for 15 years or more if taken care of!

There you have it! Spa services have tons of benefits from time saving, to warranty insurance, to investment protection. If a single service doesn’t suit you, then customize and package your own for a custom quote! Our customer service team is happy to help you decide what services would be best for you.

Contact Us if you have any questions regarding our service programs.

5 Ways to Integrate a Hot Tub Into Your Backyard

hot-tub-installation-71If you just got a hot tub or are thinking about buying one, then you are probably wondering how to integrate it into your backyard. An accessory as large as a hot tub can really bring together your backyard experience if done well, but it can also make it look terrible if done poorly.

Paradise Valley Spas has been helping people all over the bay area for 30 years find the perfect way to integrate a hot tub into a backyard. We even have a look book of different ideas for customers, and photos of different installations we have done over the years. Here are our 5 best ways to integrate your hot tub into your backyard:

  1. Place it strategically: The best positions to place your hot tub are up against walls, bushes or plants, or surrounded by something. Placing your hot tub up against a wall or other location in your backyard integrates the tub into the natural layout and landscape of the backyard.
  2. Build an outdoor room or space around the hot tub: If you can put a gazebo of some type around the hot tub, it creates a designated space for the hot tub. Chairs and small tables can also be integrated in an area like this and it makes it more of a place of relaxation in the backyard. This is a great idea for anyone looking to make the hot tub a center piece for their backyard.
  3. Create an in ground or multi tiered surface for the tub: Placing the hot tub in the ground usually makes the hot tub less noticed, and leaves more space above ground in the backyard for other accessories. Another option is to create a multi tiered surface. To describe how this would look, if the hot tub were placed on the lower area in the backyard, the top surface of the hot tub would look flush with the upper deck or area.
  4. Plant bushes, flowers, and trees all around the tub: By planting all around the tub, the hot tub area can be turned into its own sanctuary. If the plants are tall and fully enclose the hot tub then it can create an isolated feeling, which is perfect for ultimate relaxation.
  5. Make the installation area’s ground material different: if your backyard is  just one or two materials, then create a contrasting area for the hot tub. For instance, if your backyard is covered in grass, then create a square area made of stone designated for the hot tub. Placing the hot tub in the middle of the backyard in a designated area like this will still look great without walls or surrounding plants.

pg8Lg2If you are interested in a quality hot tub and want the proper guidance or ideas on how to install this hot tub, then contact our experts at Paradise Valley Spas! We have 8 retail location in the bay area and would be happy to assist you with your backyard project anytime!

Sundance Spas Offers Tips on How to Hot Tub In the Rain Safely & Comfortably

You heard right, hot tubbing in the rain can be an enjoyable serene experience. In San Fran, we are no strangers to a rain shower and this Bay Area Sundance Spa Dealer says, go ahead – you know you want to try it. Remember safety first, be aware of slippery surfaces upon entry and exit of your tub during a rain shower.


Tips to Ensure a Safe & Relaxing Rainy Day Hot Tub Experience

  • Heat up your towel or robe: Placing these items in the dryer just before you enter the tub can make all the difference when retiring after your soak.
  • Make a warm drink: A delicious hot chocolate or earl grey tea will be the perfect addition to your hot tub experience. So relax, take a sip and enjoy the rainy day scenery.
  • Wear a hat: Having your hat handy will keep the raindrops off your face during your hot tub rejuvenation session.
  • Leave the lights on: Make sure the area around the hot tub is well lit, this can be especially important when exiting or entering the tub during a storm.
  • Wear shoes: Rainy days can cause a slippery situation outside the tub, be sure to leave shoes at the foot of your spa steps to prevent slippage.
  • Get comfy: Let the relaxation of the warm spa and the soothing sound of rain drops take away the stress of your day and help you prepare for tomorrow.

Paradise Valley Spas can help you outfit your spa with accessories guaranteed to enhance your hot tub experience. At Paradise Valley Spas we only use the finest, high quality spa products. Our courteous and knowledgeable staff is available to help you properly maintain and care for your spa. For more information on our services, please contact us.

San Francisco Spa Dealer Discusses National Thyroid Awareness Month

Stress Relief with hot tubsHave you ever heard of National Thyroid Awareness Month? It takes place every January. So in commemoration of the event, we wanted to talk about spas and what those diagnosed with thyroid disorders need to know about them.

Although there are several different thyroid disorders, there are two that our San Francisco spa dealership’s staff wanted to touch upon. The two disorders are hyperthyroidism and Graves’ disease. Both conditions cause the diagnosed person to be sensitive to water temperature and bromine. He or she may also experience muscle soreness, muscle weakness and fatigue.

The good news is there are products available through our San Francisco spa dealer that may help those diagnosed with one of the two disorders. The list of potentially helpful products includes Sundance Hydrotherapy Spas, bromine-free spa products, spa cover lifters and AquaChek TruTest Digital Readers.

In our opinion, Sundance Hydrotherapy Spas make an ideal choice for thyroid disorder patients because the units come with water temperature controls. Therefore, the person can adjust the spa water’s temperature based on his or her unique needs. In addition, the spas feature seats with built-in hydrotherapeutic massage elements, adjustable neck jets and comfortable headrests. The Sundance Hydrotherapy Spas can also be paired with spa cover lifters. They will go a long way in addressing muscle problems and improving circulation.

The AquaChek Tru Test Digital Reader and bromine-free spa products, on the other hand, will help thyroid patients avoid chemical sensitivity issues. That’s partially because the digital reader is designed to provide information about the spa’s water chemical composition in as little as 15 seconds. It also records up to nine test results at a time. Therefore, the individual could compare the readings and make adjustments in the spa’s water quality as needed.

For more information about these products and others that may help people with assorted medical conditions, please contact our San Francisco spa dealer at (800) 837-3529.

3 Healing Elements of Hydrotherapy Sundance Spas

spa-womanWhether you’ve had a long day at the office, or a killer workout at the gym, nothing feels better than to relax and treat yourself by soaking in one of the various models of Sundance Spas. If just feeling nice and relaxed isn’t enough of a treat, hydrotherapy has healing properties as well that have been known in various cultures dating back thousands of years.

The first hot tubs were called calderas, which were cauldron-like formations made by volcanoes, filled with water and then heated with the use of hot stones. The Romans made great use of their baths, having 3 different types. The balnea, or house bath was just that; the bath they had in their homes, balnea privata, or private bath; which were mostly used by the rich to meet with other businessmen and discuss the days events and deals, and the balnea public, or public baths; which were basically for the poor. The 1940′s is about the time when hot tubs were introduced to the United States, inspired by the Japanese.

  • Heat relaxes and soothes sore, stressed muscles and also improves circulation thus allowing the blood to take its healing properties throughout the body to your damaged tissue.
  • Buoyancy decreases your body weight and therefore reduces any negative pressure put on your joints and spine. The biggest joint in our body is our knee and each step we take puts a tremendous amount of pressure on it. Hanging out in a hot tub for an hour or so takes pressure off and allows the heat and jets to do their magic.
  • Massage alleviates stress and reduces muscle tension. Positioning the jets in the right areas, right on that sore muscle allows the fast, energized stream of water to loosen up sore muscles and stimulate the release of endorphins, which are our body’s natural pain killers.

Sundance Spas are the largest manufacturer of acrylic hot tubs in the world. For more information on purchasing a Sundance Spa, or maybe you’d like a Jacuzzi Hot Tub or a Nordic, we can supply you with whichever you choose. Please contact us for more information. We look forward to meeting your hot tub needs.

San Francisco Spa Service Pros Make Spa Ownership Effortless

IMG_0601Have you previously shied away from spa ownership for fear that you’d have to devote a lot of time towards routine maintenance? Well what if we told you that there is a way to make spa ownership literally effortless? Would you be willing to give Sundance Spas, Nordic Hot Tubs or Jacuzzi Hot Tubs another look? If so, read on for the secret of enjoying a stress free, spa life:


The easiest way to make spa ownership a complete joy is to secure a year’s worth of assistance from a San Francisco spa service professional. A San Francisco spa service pro can perform weekly maintenance as well as periodic spa cleaning and restoration services. That way, you won’t ever have to worry about spending time taking care of those mundane tasks on your own.

In most instances, a weekly spa service call involves water testing, chemical treatments and balancing. It also typically includes filter care, cover conditioning, visual inspection and general cleaning services too. So your spa will be ready for use whenever you feel like relaxing alone or with family and friends.

Spa cleaning and restoration service calls, on the other hand, are considerably more labor intensive. They include a 10-point inspection and in-depth cleaning. During the in-depth cleaning process, the spa is drained. After everything has been cleaned, conditioned and inspected, the San Francisco spa service pro refills the unit. Then he or she adds whichever start-up chemicals are needed and re-balances the water.

Because the service call involves spa drainage, it is typically done at least once a year. Some spa owners, however, may choose to have the spa drained twice a year or once a season. The frequency really depends on one’s personal preferences and what the spa manufacturer’s guidelines were at the time of purchase.

To learn more about how scheduling routine spa services in San Francisco can make your life easier, please contact us at (800) 837-3529.

San Francisco Hot Tubs and Hot Tub Efficiency

Jacuzzi-J-400_000When it comes to a hot tub, energy efficiency is a very important aspect to consider. Inefficient hot tubs can often cause a severe increase in the cost of your electric bill. Thankfully, Sundance & Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are specifically known for their energy efficiency and quality. By discussing the aspects which determine energy efficiency in hot tubs, it should be possible to make an informed decision concerning your hot tub usage.

Use Your Hot Tub Responsibly

No matter how energy efficient a hot tub is, it is important to realize that user responsibility is essential for achieving energy efficiency. Most hot tubs are typically kept at temperature even when they are not being used, which can cause a dramatic increase in your electricity bill. Plan to turn off any hot tub when it won’t be used for a long period of time. It also important to frequently replace the filter and add disinfectant to prevent the growth of micro-organisms, which both increase cloggage of water flow.

Plan For Energy Efficiency

According to Home Energy Pros, “With the cost of electricity at 15 cents a kilowatt/hour, the hot tub is costing $46.50 a month or $558 per year.” There are several strategies a hot tub owner can consider when it comes to lowering this cost. Lowering the temperature of the standby mode and ensuring the tub is adequately covered when not in use both reduce the use of electricity. Consider turning off the hot tub when it will not be used for an extended period of time. This strategy can also be utilized during the winter and summer with the added requirement of draining the water if the hot tub is outdoors should the temperature fall below freezing.

Be sure to contact us at Paradise Valley Spas if you have any questions about San Francisco hot tubs and their efficiency.

Streamline Your Summer with Bay Area Jacuzzi Spa Service

IMG_0601Summer is always a busy season, especially if you have children. Replacing the regular schedule of school with a variety of summer activities, camps and other opportunities can make it difficult, if not impossible, to keep up with your own set of priorities, activities and lists. Add that long-awaited vacation and a family reunion to the mix and the maintenance needs of your Jacuzzi Spa will probably fall off your list altogether.

This is why you need Bay Area Jacuzzi Spa service this summer. When you call in the professionals, you are able to schedule service and forget about it, while being assured of receiving complete spa service at the hands of trained experts.

There are two different types of spa services available, depending on your needs. To keep your spa in top condition, a weekly balancing will enhance your enjoyment of your spa and keep the entire system in peak form. In addition to water testing and treatment, filters are cleaned regularly and spa cover conditioner applied. This is a particularly wise investment if your children are using the spa as part of their summer recreation, and you are not always available to supervise what goes into the spa, by accident or by misguided design.

There is also full spa service available, where the spa is completely drained, checked, cleaned, inspected, conditioned, and refilled. You may choose to have this service done while you are away on vacation, or after the children are back in school and your spa is no longer being subjected to their antics.

You might even find that these spa services are so convenient and practical that you wish to continue them after your summer travels are over and your children return to school. After all, your spa was designed and installed as a place for you to relax, not something to add to your list of worries. So contact us today and let’s discuss what services we can provide to streamline your summer, as well as the rest of 2013.

Jacuzzi Hot Tubs Help Relieve Stress Related Depression

depressionMillions of people each year suffer from stress related depression. Whether it’s due to financial matters, family issues or work-related problems, stress and depression can strike at any time. While more serious forms of depression may call for a doctor’s care, Jacuzzi hot tubs can actually help relieve some of the stress and help calm your nerves.

Stress puts unnecessary work on our body and strain on our health. It causes the heart to have to work more hard and this can cause problems with digestion and breathing. In fact, more than 80% of common diseases have a relation to stress.

The way a Jacuzzi hot tub helps with stress related depression is with three major components:

  1. Environmental Heat. The heated water from a hot tub causes an internal shift in the body’s core temperature. This causes it to feel more relaxed and helps with sleeplessness. If you’ve ever taken a warm bath in order to help with insomnia or to calm your nerves then imagine that comfort not only multiplied but enveloping you in a relaxing atmosphere.
  2. Massage. Many people get massages because of its healing benefits. It releases toxins in the body and one of the main attractions of a massage is that it feels good and relaxes the muscles. A hot tub works the same way by using jets of water that massage your body. Instead of a pair of hands in one spot, you get massaged all over at the same time.
  3. Buoyancy. By being buoyant in a Jacuzzi, there is less stress on your body. This is ideal for aching joints and muscles but where it helps to relieve stress related depression is that you are combining the relaxation with hydrostatic pressure, which helps your lungs and heart become stronger.

While a hot tub may not be a cure for all kinds of depression, it definitely will help those with stress related depression by being in a warm, relaxing environment that helps the body feel better.

If you want to learn more about Jacuzzi hot tubs or how they can benefit you, simply contact us and we’ll help you get started.

Spend Migraine Awareness Month Soaking in Jacuzzi Hot Tubs

DSC_0309According to the National Headache Foundation, more than 35 million Americans suffer from migraines. Those statistics were released as part of the National Migraine & Headache Awareness Month kickoff. It traditionally takes place each year in June. In recognition of the event, here’s a look at how soaking inJacuzzi Hot Tubs may help alleviate migraine pain:

To date, there are multiple triggers that are known to cause migraines in some people. Among the list of triggers are physical overexertion and stress. Once triggered, the person’s brain begins to respond by releasing natural substances that cause inflammation. The symptoms that typically follow tend to be varied and quite intense. Those symptoms include sound sensitivity, light sensitivity, visual anomalies, nausea and muscle pain.

Because the triggers and symptoms vary, there are multiple ways to prevent and treat migraines. They include temperature therapy, relaxation therapy and massage. Those are the areas where a soak in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub may help. Jacuzzi Hot Tubs are designed with powerful jets and diverter values that help move hot water throughout the tub’s interior. The diverter values enable Jacuzzi Hot Tub users to focus the soothing, warm water onto certain parts of their bodies.

Based on aquatic therapy principles, those features may reduce muscle pain, stress and inflammation. They may also improve circulation and respiration. Thus, soaking in a Jacuzzi Hot Tub for an hour may prevent or reduce the severity of a person’s migraine. Of course before attempting to use a Jacuzzi Hot Tub to treat any health problem, it is best to consult with one’s primary care physician. He or she can help to rule out other health issues that may be causing frequent headaches and recommend additional treatments.

Would you like to learn more about the benefits of soaking in Jacuzzi Hot Tubs? Contact us at 1-800-837-3529. Paradise Valley Spas has been in business for three decades and can provide you with a free quote.